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    Florence, South Carolina



    Previously located in Skyesville, Maryland, Tehom Submersibles

    has relocated to South Carolina, conviently located near I-95.


























    K350 Specs

  • Tehom has ROV capability with a Deep Trekker for inspection and recovery of small items

  • Download free K-350 plans in PDF

  • We recently came into possession of Kittredge Industries materials left over from when they went out of business.  Watch this space for other great historical documents. 

  • What We Do

    Recovery of items and loved ones at depths beyond most Public Safety Diver programs, ROV video inspections, a platform for commercial film or video, research vessel for observation or experimentation, static displays for education; our submarine is highly portable with safety as a primary concern.

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    Captain Brian

    Certified diver at the age of 14, built his own surface supplied diving gear a year later, dabbled in DIY mixed-gas rebreathers and put himself through college as a diver, Captain Brian also has 40 years experience working around and diving K boat submarines.


    A BioChemist before entering seminary, he recently retired after 35 years as an ordained Lutheran pastor. He holds a doctorate in family systems and is experienced in walking with grieving families.

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    Innerspace Science is an organization that facilitates the use of privately owned submersibles for scientific and educational purposes on a non-commercial basis. Tehom Submersibles is a founding member and available to work with Universities, Research Stations and other organizations.

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